Dr Gurvinder Saini

Dr Gurvinder  Saini
Male practitioner

I am well-versed in all aspects of general practice but have a keen interest in managing chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, mental health conditions, heart conditions, mens’ heatlh and hypertension. I have worked in plastic and reconstructive surgery and am comfortable with skin cancer excisions and reconstructions using local flaps. I have experience in managing work-related injuries and coordinating return-to-work programs.

Regarding my background, I completed my MBBS in 1995 in India as a gold medalist at the university and went on to train as a surgeon. I further qualified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and worked in the field for 15 years before moving to Australia as General Practitioner. Since arriving in Australia, I have completed the Fellowship of RACGP. Apart from work, I enjoy travel,reading non-fiction (economics, psychology) and playing chess. I hope to learn music. The role of emerging technologies like computer sciences and artificial intelligence in healthcare excites me. I am well versed in 5 languages currently and keen to learn more!

I look forward to meeting you and your family!